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Life in Vinh
Life in Vinh


Located around 400km to the south of Hanoi in the beautiful province of Nghe An, Vinh is a small city yet is very livable. Vinh City may not be the first place you think of when you visit Vietnam but it definitely has a lot to offer in terms of people, food, sights and activities. This hidden gem in the north of the country is sure to steal your heart. 

The locals offer a level of hospitality that is unrivalled in Vietnam and will greet you with a smile wherever you go. Just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the city, lies Cua Lo. Cua Lo is a stunning beach town with gold sand flanked by crystal clear waters. 

Locally run cafes or restaurants offering delicious local cuisine can make your free time enjoyable. Vinh leaves a strong impression on visitors with its breathtaking scenery and spectacular views from the top of the mountain. 

The expat network is relatively small but is tight knit and they will often catch up in one of the many hangout spots dotted around the city. 

Vinh perfectly fits for those who long for local experiences and peaceful moments.

 Apollo English in Vinh 

- Apollo Cao Thang, Floor 4, Phu Nguyen Plaza, 19 Cao Thang St., Vinh City, Nghe An Province 

Our Apollo English centers are equipped with modern and first-class facilities at a global standard. Classrooms are designed to be student-friendly and optimal for learning activities. 

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