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Life in Thu Dau Mot
Life in Thu Dau Mot


Located 20 km north of downtown Ho Chi Minh City and on the left bank of the Saigon River, Thu Dau Mot is the capital city of Binh Duong Province. This is a vibrant growing industrial city with various interesting activities for expats to enjoy their life in Vietnam. 

Transportation is easy with the help of technology taxi brands. Nevertheless, the best way to experience Vietnamese lifestyle is to ride a motorbike. Thu Dau Mot is still not a too crowded city, so it is a great place for teachers to start learning how to ride the motorbike like a local. Shopping centres, supermarkets, traditional markets, and convenient stores are available for most things you may need. There are also countless restaurants and things to eat. A nice stroll by the riverside can help you find a lot of signature street food. 

Thủ Dầu Một knows how to to keep people active with its busy lifestyle. Theme park and waterpark are ideal places to have fun in free time. For the more active people, there are quite a number of gyms, aerobic and Yoga classes. There is a wide variety of coffee shops where you can get together with friends .

 If you are looking for a not highly dense city with an up-to-date lifestyle, come and discover Thu Dau Mot City.

Apollo English in Thu Dau Mot: 

- Apollo Binh Duong, 310 Thich Quang Duc St., Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province 

Our English centers are equipped with modern and first-class facilities at a global standard. Classrooms are designed to be student-friendly and optimal for learning activities. 

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Life in Thu Dau Mot
If you are looking for a not densely populated city with an up-to-date lifestyle, come and discover Thu Dau Mot City.
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