Reputable Organization
Apollo English has been recognized with prestigious awards and has been trusted by parents for more almost 30 years.
Development opportunities
Apollo English nurtures talent with a strong professional development program and career advancement opportunities for each individual.
Expatriate services
Apollo English supports with obtaining all legal documents and ensures that expatriate employees can legally work and live in Vietnam.
Flexible working schedule
Our working schedule is flexible for ESL teachers and provides a work-life balance for our teachers.
Diversity workplace
The diversity of Apollo English is worth experiencing, teachers work closely with local staff members and international teachers hailing from all corners of the world.
We established the Apollo English Centre in 1995 with the mission of training the young Vietnamese generation to become global citizens to promote prosperity and help them change the world for the better. For us, the biggest reward is seeing people's lives become better thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of the talented teachers at Apollo. We hope to be able to help more students at Apollo English "Where the best become better".
Arabella Peters & Khalid Muhmood
Apollo English Co-founders

Sofia Garifzianova


I joined Apollo in 2019 and working for the Van Quan center has been a very enjoyable experience for me. It has been almost 2 years now and throughout this time I’ve gotten the chance to work with a lot of inspiring teachers and managers. I get to teach a group of willing-to-learn kids, and, of course, not without challenges, it has been extremely rewarding. Besides that, I am able to discover new methods and ways to make lessons more interesting and fun as Apollo gives me the creative freedom to structure my own lessons. I am definitely considering staying with Apollo longer because I’ve loved the atmosphere, my colleagues, and the students so far.

Fe Villanueva

Teacher - Apollo Tran Binh Trong

Apollo is able to offer one of the most appealing work environments to me as an expat. A teacher's room full of like-minded individuals that wish to make a positive impact on the lives of their students; A team of educators from all over the world, coalesced in one place, all free to express their beliefs and cultures. I consider myself one of the luckiest to have found a multicultural environment all in one place and it's the place that I work.

Jesse Pereira

Teacher - Apollo Nguyen Van Luong

During my time working at Apollo, I have noticed a discernible improvement in my teaching skills. On-the-job training in the form of challenging experiences and assignments not only with various age cohorts (Kindergarten right up to IELTS) but also with various Apollo centres spread across HCMC; regular in-class observation and day-to-day query feedback from my line manager; the truly unique courseware from Apollo world… all make teaching challenging and interesting to me.

Jasone Barnes

Teacher - Apollo Bau Cat

Apollo not only focuses on the fundamentals of proper English coupled with proven steps towards fluency, but we are providing today's students with new and exciting ways to apply that knowledge to an ever evolving world. In addition, an Apollo teacher is one that is invested in making a positive impact on today's world. We are consistently being upgraded, motivated and enhanced via monthly in-class training courses and online programs that help us better understand today's student-teacher relationship. Apollo teachers will have the opportunity to further their education with CELTA and DELTA training that is fully supported by the Apollo Brand.

Adriana Ferro

Teacher - Apollo Tran Binh Trong

The pandemic has brought huge challenges to us all but at Apollo we have adapted and developed new skills in a short period to ensure continued access to education. Our innovative activities in online classes not only delivered a lesson to our students, but also created a space where we all could play, laugh, share, and see other people during the lockdown. I am excited for the future of education and will not stop improving to create a more effective, blended learning system.