Talent Development Supervisor (TA and LXO Trainer)
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Talent Development Supervisor (TA and LXO Trainer)
Job Description

I. Control quality of Teaching Assistant and Develop talent TAs to full time staff at Apollo through recruiting, onboarding, training and quality ensuring framework. 

  • To recruit enough TAs as center request monthly
  • To build up & update onboarding process to make sure minimum 80% of successful onboarding - after training
  • To maintain quality insurance tracking system through observation and upskill trainings
  • To build & implement TA Career Roadmap
  • To identify and maintain systems to develop internal Talents. 

II. Onboarding & Training LXOs

  • To standardize procedure and training LXOs
  • To train and support new LXOs during the probation, make sure minimum 80% of successful onboarding - after training
  • To maintain updated & useful content for GG classroom NTW and to track discipline of center
  • To maintain discipline 90% of LXO Learning and development on Google Classroom
  • Responsible for maintaining TA salary system for center
  • Responsible for supporting LXOs and giving advice when they needed.

III. Training organization

  • To coordinate and organize internal & external training for TA, LXO, EC, CSO, CM
  • Make sure all the training run smoothly
  • To follow up after training: recap, feedback, assignment 

IV. Other Duties

Perform other administrative duties and project assigned by the line manager if require

Job Requirements

Holder of bachelor's degree

Have sales experience

A passion to training, coaching, and developing people

Well-organized and professional, discipline, proactive

Strong communication skills and teamwork skills.

Culture match with the Company’s values: Passion, Accountability, Integrity, Innovation, Partnership

Job Location
  • Hà Nội