What is the IHCYLT?


The International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers (IHCYLT) is a four-week face-to-face course, moderated by Cambridge English Language Assessment, which aims to prepare teachers for the specific challenges of working with young learners and teenagers. The course is a combination of input sessions, teaching practice, observations and written assignments. The 4-week version of the course is designed for those who need to continue working while earning the qualification. 

The market for teaching English to Young Learners has been growing rapidly over the last 20 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This means that job opportunities for teachers who specialize in this area are also increasing. Not only will this course increase the effectiveness of your young learner teaching, it should also increase your enjoyment of working in this area.  Many of our previous trainees have gone on to senior positions with respected language schools in Vietnam.


The main aim of the IH CYLT course is to prepare teachers for working with Young Learners. Usually, these teachers will already have had some form of pre-service training in the teaching of ELT to adults (e.g. IHC/CELTA), but some may not have had previous experience of teaching Young Learners.

Input sessions cover areas such as: lesson planning, classroom management, accuracy and correction techniques, clarifying and practising language, L1 in the classroom, teaching adolescents, material design and selection, and mixed abilities.

Course content/workload

In order to the class the course, you will need to successfully complete:

  • 30 hours of trainer-led input sessions
  • 3 hours of observed teaching practice (4 x 45 minute lessons)
  • 6 hours of peer and experienced teacher observation
  • 2 written assignments
  • At least 7 portfolio tasks

Typical timetable

While the course itself it ‘semi-intensive’, the workload combined with your existing teaching schedule means you will still have a very busy month!  Input sessions take place in the mornings at Apollo from Monday to Wednesday for four weeks, with observation and assessment of trainees teaching their own classes at weekends. Trainees teach a total of three hours, as well as completing two written assignments and a series of portfolio tasks. Please note that you will need your own classes to teach, and these will need to be at the weekend. You will teach a total of four lessons, conducted with two different age groups/levels.