Professional Development

Apollo is committed to providing high quality professional development to all teachers. Even after passing CELTA, Apollo supports teachers in continuing their learning experience. Teachers are given the opportunity to improve their career through a variety of methods:

  • Regularly scheduled observations from Academic Management plus ‘pop-in’ observations
  • Professional Development Interviews annually
  • Regular in-set training workshops
  • In-set Training Management Scheme 
  • Access to IHWO in-service courses (e.g. the IHCYLT)

Initially, teachers receive a full induction and help with planning their first lessons. A senior academic team member observes new teachers within the first few weeks to provide feedback and to direct further efforts towards becoming a great teacher. Apollo is well-equipped to ease the transition between completing the CELTA, or previous work with other schools, to teaching in Vietnam.

At Apollo, teachers can move into many leadership opportunities. Our Traning Management Scheme allows teachers to attend a blended learning course to learn about leadership, teacher training, observing and giving feedback, recruiting, and managing in the EFL industry. After completion, teachers are ready to move into various leadership roles such as Mentor Teacher, Senior Teacher and Learning Experience Manager. 

At Apollo, teachers have the opportunity to work with different age groups and a variety of programs to enhance individual teachers’ skills and repertoires. Apollo provides all the support needed for professional development throughout a teacher’s Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) career.

Pay and Benefits 

Our talented teachers’ efforts are recognized throughout Apollo and we take pride in rewarding these efforts. This includes a competitive salary and other benefits.

English teacher benefits include paid annual leave, paid sick leave, paid national holidays, a contract completion and resigning bonus and medical insurance. Additionally, teachers are given a training stipend which can be applied to professional development, such as those offered at the staff rate through the International House World Organization.

In particular, Apollo assists newcomers to Vietnam and the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) career through an in depth induction. 


Do I need to speak to Vietnamese to be considered for a job?

We require your written and spoken English to be of a high standard, but knowing Vietnamese is not a prerequisite to joining Apollo. Our teachers tend to pick up enough of the language to get around and enjoy life during their time with Apollo, and we occasionally arrange classes for teachers to study or improve their Vietnamese.

Can I take a gap year with Apollo?

So long as you meet our minimum requirements, you can apply and be considered for any teaching positions that are available. It may be difficult at times to plan in advance as we only post vacancies when they become available. But do not be put off by this as Apollo continually expands its teaching classes and facilities throughout Vietnam. Full-time Teaching contracts last for one year and include fully-paid annual leave (with public holidays) so it is possible to travel during your stay. Be flexible with your planning though, as we find many teachers enjoy teaching English and living in Vietnam so much that they often stay with us beyond their first contract!.

Am I experienced enough to be an Apollo teacher?

We recruit aspiring and ambitious new teachers, and we also welcome more experienced teachers, too. We do not discriminate against applicants on any unfair grounds such as age, gender or race and welcome all teachers of all experience and backgrounds to apply and be considered for our roles. Certain roles will require certain levels of experience and specific competencies, particularly for more senior teaching positions. But overall, we look for ambitious teachers who have a good awareness and understanding of the English language and a solid understanding of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) methodology, as this will make you naturally suited to a role in Apollo.

What is the progression of a teacher at Apollo?

There is no set path as it is very much up to each individual. Apollo is proud to provide various professional development opportunities and we recognise talent throughout the company. Less experienced teachers may be limited in the roles they can be considered for, but hard work, ambition and teaching talent are all prosperous qualities that will enable you to be considered for various positions.

I can’t find a role that is suitable for me today. When will new positions be available?

Apollo is always offering exciting opportunities to join our team. Peak hiring seasons are between March -September and we have continuous opprtunities throughout the year.

There are other teaching opportunities in Vietnam. Why should I choose Apollo?

As well as taking a look at the benefits of being an Apollo teacher, there are other reasons to choose Apollo. Not only does Apollo have many years of experience in the ELT market, but also we are still growing at rapid rate. This means that there are plenty of opportunities. As an affiliate member of International House World Organization, we also have access to the world-recognised training, qualifications and resources they offer. Apollo teaches at world class standards and you will be recognised as a top quality teacher by working with us.

I do not understand some of the acronyms or phrases that are used with English teaching (e.g. EFL, TESOL, ELT…)

→ (T)EFL = (Teaching) English as a Foreign Language

→ TESOL= Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

→ ELT= English Language Teaching

→ CELTA= The Certificate of English Language Traning to Adults

→ (T)ESL = (Teaching) English as a Second Language