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Job Description

Job overview

As the Online Learning Experience Manager (OLXM), you will play a pivotal role in the recruitment, training, management, and development of online teachers for Apollo’s new hybrid model - Active. This dynamic position involves a combination of responsibilities related to talent acquisition, training, performance management, and professional development. Your efforts will contribute significantly to ensuring that online teachers are equipped to deliver high-quality lessons and meet the learning experience and outcomes set forth by the Active hybrid model.

Position: Online Teacher Recruitment and Training Coordinator (OLXM)
Department: Apollo Active Online Department
Reports To: Senior Learning Experience Manager (SLXM)

Key Responsibilities

1. Online Teacher Recruitment and Training:

a. Collaborate with Apollo's Employee Experience (EE) department to screen and interview online teachers in accordance with company recruitment guidelines and procedures.
b. Lead the training and onboarding of newly hired teachers in alignment with the Active Online Teacher Training Program structure and content.
c. Conduct final assessments for newly hired teachers who successfully complete onboarding and training.
d. Provide support and guidance to newly hired teachers throughout the training and onboarding process.
e. Maintain updated training tracking files, assessments, and other records related to candidates in training.
f. Actively participate in weekly EE & Online Department meetings to review recruitment situations, plan future recruitment efforts, and improve existing policies and procedures for online teacher recruitment and training.

2. Online Teacher Management, Support, and Development:

a. Directly manage online teachers, overseeing contractual obligations, policy adherence, professional development, disciplinary procedures, and pastoral care.
b. Collaborate with and support G/LXMs in coordinating the online teachers assigned to them.

c. Offer regular and timely support to online teachers through the Active Online Teacher Slack workspace and email communication.
d. Conduct monthly workshops for the professional development of the online teaching team, focusing on online teaching skills.
e. Conduct monthly meetings to provide regular updates to the online teaching team.
f. Assist in the creation and publication of online teaching training content, development materials, and strategies.

3. Online Teacher Performance Management and Academic Feedback Handling:
a. Coordinate with G/LXMs for performance management and academic feedback resolution for the corresponding online teachers under their coordination.
b. Monitor observation and feedback completion carried out by the G/LXM team to ensure adherence to schedule and quality standards.
c. Regularly monitor online teacher performance metrics to identify areas for improvement and, when necessary, initiate remedial actions, such as observations, feedback, mentoring, and ad-hoc upskill training.
d. Monitor completion of online teacher academic feedback to ensure it's done within deadlines and aligns with quality standards.
e. Provide training and support to the G/LXM team as necessary to ensure they fulfill their role in coordinating online teachers as per established policies, procedures, and quality standards.

4. Teaching and Other:
a. Deliver 5-10 hours of online classes per week.
b. Conduct online demo lessons as required.
c. Actively participate in weekly and monthly departmental meetings.
d. Maintain consistent communication with the SLXM through official channels (Apollo email or Slack) and ensure timely dissemination of critical information to the relevant team members.
e. Attend regular meetings, professional development workshops, and training sessions as scheduled by the Senior Learning Experience Manager (SLXM).
f. Proactively contribute ideas for departmental improvements across all operations.

Job Requirements

● A relevant bachelor’s degree.
● Professional credentials in ELT education (Cambridge CELTA/Trinity CertTESOL,
● A minimum of 3 years of academic experience.
● A minimum of 1 year of online teaching experience.
● Proficiency in IT skills.
● Experience in training and mentoring.
● Excellent communication, interpersonal, time management, problem-solving, and
organizational skills.
● Flexibility, adaptability, and cross-cultural awareness.
● Demonstrates a growth mindset, responds well to feedback, and views mistakes as
opportunities for growth.

Job Location
  • Hồ Chí Minh