EFL Officer cum TA Supervisor

Working location: 
Bình Dương
Hà Nội
TP. Hồ Chí Minh
Bắc Ninh

1. Job description:
a. EFL Supporting tasks:
 Arrange the final tests, reports and certificates for all young learner classes
 Liaise with AC/ AM to supply tests for YL classes
 Book interns for the written end of level tests
 Update the Mid-term and End of Course report forms on Apollo Online and let teachers the deadlines of the results and reports
 Collect test results & reports for issuing certificates & reports for YL classes
 Ensure that reports are collected/ signed and documented appropriately
 Report to Academic Coordinator or EFL Supervisor any delay in reports and test results
 Support the other EFL Officer in taking care of EFL Library/Materials and in the execution of all EFL courses when the other EFL Officer is not in the EFL/ teachers' room when teachers need support
 Assist Scheduling Officer with some admin things as requested by EFL Supervisor
 Provide necessary administrative support on materials to all teachers during their working hours
 Perform other duties as assigned by EFL & Admin Supervisor.
b. TA Supervision tasks:
Supervise TA on weekends to ensure TAs come to work on time and support them to handle difficult problems
 Scheduling TAs’ schedule and checking their timesheet exactly.
 Call to parents monthly to inform them about students’ studying progress
 Follow up with all TAs monthly and strictly to make sure they fill in all information about students’ studying in class
 Training TAs to call parents (if needed)
 TA training: work with Academic Coordinator and EFL Supervisor to conduct TA training to make sure we deliver the best service.
 Work with Academic Coordinator and EC Supervisor to get teachers’ feedback about TAs and solve them.
 Cover for sick or late Teaching Assistance (if needed)
 Assist EFL Supervisor, when requested
c. Administration Tasks
Performing administrative duties to support the operations of the office
2. Job requirements 
Vietnamese national and Holder of Bachelor’s degree (preferably in English Language)
 A high intermediate level in English (All skills: reading, writing, listening & speaking)
 At least 1 year EFL experience
 Ability to deal with Vietnamese nationals as well as expats in a professional and courteous manner.
 Attention to detail and an ability to work to strict deadlines
 Accurate and timely reporting
 Ability to work in a team environment

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