Educational Consultant

Working location: 
Biên Hoà
Bình Dương
Hà Nội
TP. Hồ Chí Minh
Bắc Ninh
Hải Phòng
Đà Nẵng

1. Job description
·    Efficient & high quality implementation of sales and customer care at the centre.
ECs are responsible for sales of an area given by CMs and for customer care to all internal and external customers.
·    Reporting
At all time ECs should know and be able to report on all aspects of the responsible areas related to sales and customer service efficient and high quality operations.
·    Communication
Communicate well with other ECs and staff from other departments in the centre including teachers, EFL admin staff, tea ladies, security guards and etc.
·  Continuous Improvement
Identify  opportunities  to  develop,  improve  and  add  value  to  Apollo’s  Centre
Operations in line with the strategic goals of their centre(s) and the organization.
·    Centre and Customer Relations (CR) Support
Supporting  the  overall operation  of  your  centre  and  the  activities  of  the  CR department.
·    Other duties assigned by the Centre Manager.
2. Job requirement
·    Vietnamese national.
·    Holder of Bachelor’s degree
·    Be proactive, interpersonal, detail-oriented.
·    At least one year experience in the same position 
·    Excellent written and verbal communication skills, both in English and Vietnamese
·    Proven selling and persuasive skill.
·      Computer literacy – MS office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

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