Customer Service Officer

Working location: 
Hà Nội
TP. Hồ Chí Minh

1. Job description
 Efficient & high quality implementation of customer care at the centre.
CSOs are responsible for customer care to all internal and external customers.
 Reporting
At all time CSOs should know and be able to report on all aspects of the responsible areas related to sales and customer service efficient and high quality operations.
 Communication
Communicate well with other CSOs and ECs and staff from other departments in the centre including teachers, EFL admin staff, tea ladies, security guards and etc.
 Continuous Improvement
Identify opportunities to develop, improve and add value to Apollo’s Centre Operations in line with the strategic goals of their centre(s) and the organization.
 Other duties assigned by the Centre Manager.
2. Job requirement
 Vietnamese national.
 Holder of Bachelor’s degree preferably in Englishor Foreign Trade
 Be proactive, interpersonal and detail-oriented.
 At least one year experience in the same position in FMCG companies is an advantage (regardless of industry).
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills, both in English and Vietnamese
 Proven selling and persuasive skill.
 Computer literacy – MS office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)


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