Võ Tường An

"5 years ago I participated in Apollo Summer camp with Apollo in Singapore. I had a lot of fun and it was my first experience when I could expose myself in the global community and had a better understanding about stories and culture of the international environment, which I have not known before.

That opportunity helps me know where I want to go and what I want to be in the future. Not only will I become somebody very helpful for the society but also for the whole generation of the global communities." - Vo Tuong An, Co-founder of Viet Youth Service Organization, Student of Stanford Law School - Stanford University

During the conversation, An impressed us as a strong, confident and ambitious young girl. In 2011, after a camp in Singapore with Apollo, with a chance to experience and expose into the global community, An had a better understanding about society and culture in Singapore. Since then, she began to have a clear orientate for her future. She shared that her family supported and provided her with all of facilities (like Skype, learning online programmes, or website, etc.) which helped her a lot with her English ability. Consequently, with her English, And has been connected to friends in the United States and earned herself such outstanding achievements.

After finishing Secondary School in VN, An was given a grant scholarship for 3 years of highschool in the USA. Even more overwhelming, the Principal of John Bapst Memorial Highschool himself wrote the invitation to An along with a full grant to study at his school. With her ability, An has proved herself during 3 years studying at the USA with significant achievements, both in studying and social activities.

At the age of 17, Võ Tường Anh honorably got her name printed in the list of students enrolling in some prestigious universities in the United States, even more admirable, our Quãng Ngai- bred girl was also offered courses with fully funded scholarships from three prestigious universities: Harvard, Stanford and Yale. On a side note, An has always taken an active part in many social activities. Currently she is the co-founder of Viet Youth Service and a non-profit organization of education in Vietnam, India, South Korea and Texas.

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