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Along with the back to school spirit across the country, from 1 st August to 15 th September, 2016, Vietnam Apollo Education and Training (Apollo English) officially launched the English program with “100% back to school with Apollo English” theme. This program will be held annually for Apollo English students aged 3 to16 all over the country, helping them be more confident before new the school year as well as shortening the process of becoming global citizen. 

With advanced and modern teaching equipments, interesting extracurricular, Apollo’s students are not only developed and improved on language but also fully trained with necessary skills for future integration process such as Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration. Therefore, students are confident and well-prepared for the new school year.
“Back to school 2016” offers chances to sign up for free demo classes and placement tests. Besides, new students will have a chance to get lucky draw with up to 100% chance of winning a scholarship from 700.000VND to 5.000.000VND. In addition, Apollo's current students will also have a chance to get a scholarship when introduce a friend to Apollo (a scholarship of 2.000.000VND for recommender and 1.500.000VND for students who is recommended).
A new schoolyear is coming soon, Apollo English desire develop the “100% ready back to school” spirit, bring more precious learning value, is great encouragement, raise enthusiasm and passion for any students who will study at Apollo.
This program is applied for all Apollo’s centre across the country. 
**(Hai Phong and Da Nang have different program)
For more information, please contact : 1800-6655 or website:


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(Chương trình dành riêng cho trẻ em từ 3-16 tuổi)
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