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  • Depending on ability, Apollo Confident Kindy students are placed into one of two levels: Kindy or Start-up.
  • To ensure students successfully complete each course, Apollo Confident Kindy includes progress assessments midway through and at the end of each course, which test all four key skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Students have their own Language Portfolio to record their results, achievement, and the evaluation of teachers and teaching assistants. Students and parents can view this easily online.
  • At the end of each course, students are presented with an Apollo English certificate of completion.

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Giáo trình My Little Island &
Phương pháp L.E.T.S.TM

After 19 years of operation in the field of English language training in Vietnam, Apollo has developed and compiled into L.E.T.S.™ - Learning English Through Subjects. L.E.T.S.™ method does not put English as a stand-alone subject but a language in communication and areas such as Math, Science and life skills ... to make English learning becomes appropriate for children in school and in life.

L.E.T.S.™ helps children learn English faster and more practical through Math, Science and life skills that are close to curricula in school. L.E.T.S.™ helps students develop comprehensive skills.

Pearson is an American Education Group specializes in publishing and distribution of textbooks especially English learning books all over the world. With the ability to apply advanced information technology into educational programs, Pearson has brought to global children a new and exciting English learning experience through online English games with funny cartoon characters. Therefore, children can develop their English naturally without being forced and overloaded.

Vietnam children will also be able to experience the exciting journey of learning English when Apollo English center gets in exclusive collaboration with Pearson on publishing Islands textbooks which is dedicated to students aged 3 to 6 in Vietnam. This curriculum includes Islands textbooks and fully interactive online textbooks being taught in two ways: "Heads up learning – Dynamic Learning" and "Interactive White Board – Learn with the smart board."

Apollo - Step by step to success

Apollo is one of the oldest and most prestigious language centres in Vietnam, committed to delivering an international standard of education. We have designed clear and scientific learning programmes to guide students, step by step, to proficiency in English and success in future life.

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Apollo Junior is today’s most effective
and comprehensive English teaching programme for children

Em tên là Trần Ngọc Mỹ Anh, năm nay em 6 tuổi và em sinh vào ngày 18/7. Em đã theo học tại Apollo được 6 tháng rồi. Em có 2 giáo viên tên là Vincent và Chino. Em yêu quý các thầy cô lắm bởi vì các thầy cô rất là dễ thương. Em cũng thích lớp học của em lắm,...

-Trần Ngọc Mỹ Anh-

Đăng ký học thử miễn phí

(Chương trình dành riêng cho trẻ em từ 3-16 tuổi)
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