Our history

Apollo Vietnam, founded in 1995, is the first fully foreign owned English language training company in Vietnam. We are proud to be an affiliate of International House – a well established and trusted name in English teaching. As per our slogan “Where the best become better”, Apollo continues to strive to maintain ourselves as the top class English teaching organisation in Vietnam.

Apollo has made and continues to make, numerous contributions to Vietnamese society such as scholarships for students, fun & learn English and teachers’ training for local schools and several well-known and well-loved television shows, such as “Golden Bell”, “The Road to Olympia” and “Connect Youths”.

With 27 modern and international – standard centres located in Ho Chi MinhHa NoiDa Nang, Bac Ninh and Hai Phong, Apollo offers a wide range of educational programs and services, including:


Apollo’s achievements in education and training are recognised by the Vietnamese Government and the United Kingdom::

  • • Apollo is the first foreign organisation that has received 2 campaign medals for “the Cause of Education” from the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training
  • • In 2008, Apollo’s Chairman of the Board of Directors was also awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II for providing international-standard English training in Vietnam.

Apollo is proud to collaborate with leading endorsers, such as: Cambridge University, DOET, IELTS, Nokia, Fahasa, Nestle and many more. Apollo is also the English content provider for popular game shows in Vietnam such as Peak to Olympia, Golden Bell, Hot VTeen, and Doremi.

Where the best become better

Our slogan refers to the people who study with us, the people and the organisations who see Apollo as ambitious, forward thinking, dynamic and driven. They want to be the best, so they come to where the best become better.” - Mr. Khalid Muhmood MBE, Chairman Apollo English.

Apollo strives to keep improving and avoiding complacency as the number one provider of English teaching. Taking on excellent, enthusiastic students and teaching them using the best modern and professional methods and techniques, so that they become confident, proficient and most of all, better English speakers, writers and listeners.

Over 20 years many students have excelled in Apollo programs, and this drives the continuation of delivering top class English teaching on a daily basis.


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